Club Captain: Finn Tyrrell

I'm Finn the current Captain of the club. I'm studying Marine science in NUIG. I can quite easily say that joining the SubAqua Club was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I'm not busy diving I can usually be found plotting world domination.

Training Officer: Amanda Curtin

Hello! My names Amanda. I am the current training officer (person who sends the emails and sits at the pool) and used to be the clubs secretary. I have been diving for almost three years! I am a 1* diver praying for ** diver before I graduate. Favourite dives would have to be Julia T off Killary (even though I may have been slightly narked )and St. John’s point in donegal.

Assistant Training Officer: Caitríona McMahon

Hiya! I’m Caitríona- the club’s current Assistant Training Officer, and last year’s PRO/NUIG Rep. I’ve been diving for the last 2-3 years, currently as a Trainee Diver but looking to qualify as a Club Diver in the near future! I’m also a 3rd year Marine Science student, hoping to eventually dive with all the sea creatures I’ve heard about in lectures! My favourite dives have probably been Killary (Julia T shipwreck and a night dive feat. an OCTOPUS) and Kilkee!

Equipment Officer: Bríana Casserly 

Hey, I’m Brí! I’m in my 3rd year of General Science in NUIG. I am the Equipment Officer in the club meaning, with the help of my AEO Leanne and other club members, I try to keep our clubhouse in shipshape. I grew up with the sea and diving on my front door. I’m always around to give a hand and answer questions. Being apart of the committee means I get to help run our club to the best of our ability but at the end of the day we all just want to have some fun and chill with the fishes.

Assistant Equipment Officer: Leanne Oliver

Hey guys! I'm Leanne, and I'm currently in 3rd year studying Marine Science. I love the outdoors and anything to do with the water. I'm the AEO of the diving club which means I get to help our wonderful EO Bríana with anything she needs! I love being on the committee as I get to see behind the scenes of how the diving club is run. P.S. Fish have feelings too <3

Diving Officer: Lukasz Wrobel

Hi all! I’m Lucas, a physicist by day, the diving officer by night. No, I do not wear a cape. Instead, I wear a not so dry, drysuit. Why do I dive? Curiosity and exploration not to mention the shiny and rusty things. Pro tip always bring a phone with you underwater, just in case you lose your buddy and need to give them a call. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me or say hi when you see me. I promise, I don't bite. 

Hi guys, my name is Patrick. I am your Assistant Diving Officer. If you recognise me that’s because I’m that annoying guy at the pool. I am in charge of taking money woooop unfortunately the Treasurer this year is watching me with a close eye so no five course meals, I’ll have to stick to three. When you are ready I will be running Insurance swims and ensuring you are ready to go into your scuba training. Hoping to see all of ye at the poolside :) 

Assistant Diving Officer: Patrick C Hurley 

Treasurer: Nessa Lee 

Hi I’m Nessa. I am your Treasurer. I joined the club in first year having had practically no diving experience before. I was hooked after the first day. Now in second year of Environmental Science, I am aiming for my diver 2*. You’ll meet me at Portmagee as the bearer of bad news on how much you owe after a weekend of diving and drinking “refreshments”.

Safety Officer: Storm Mc Donald

I'm Storm, your safety officer and one of our fully trained instructors in the club. I first completed my open water course at the age of 12 in Sodwana, South Africa, from this my love of diving was born and I am currently pursuing a career in marine science, in his third year of my degree. I've worked as a PADI Staff Instructor and a club instructor for CFT for the past two years, conducting courses from open water up to divemaster, as well as lead groups on guided tours of land and sea, and conducted reef and baited shark dives. I've logged over 700+ dives in a variety of different conditions.

Secretary: Lucy Holden 

Hi everyone! I'm Lucy, I'm the secretary for the club which means I take notes in all the meetings to try help everyone remember what they've said! Apart from a love of note taking, I am a one star diver who started out terrified of the sea, and now can't get enough of it! For anyone on the fence about joining, all I can say is DO IT!! Seaweed is a lot less creepy when you're down there with all the fishies! Hope to see you all in the water

Boat Officer: Eoin Moorhouse

Hi I’m Eoin Moorhouse, your boat officer. I am responsible for looking after our two dive ribs, Alice Perry and Micheal D. I am a one star diver and have been in the club for the past two years. I seem to spend more of my time on or under the water than on the land. As I study marine science I like to consider the time I spend diving as educational and potentially more useful than the lectures I am avoiding.

Public Relations Officer: Karina O'Donnell

Hello friends! I’m Karina, our club’s faithful PRO. I’m currently in 3rd year earth and ocean science, which is code for “I love rocks.” I joined the committee this year, and now help organize our social nights, as well as help run our AMAZING social media accounts! I absolutely love diving, and am so grateful to be a part of such a great club!

GMIT Rep: Scott Shaw

Hi I'm Scott in the rep for GMIT my role on the committee is to recruit and retain members from GMIT and liaise with the GMIT sports department. I'm in my second year in GMIT studying marketing and sales, I'm from Offaly in the midlands where there is little or no deep water! Dubbed the AquaBogger I enjoy both water sports, agriculture and am in a committed relationship with my car.

Kathryn Schoenrock

I am a phycologist interested in how seaweeds structure marine communities from a physical and chemical perspective. I currently focus on marine communities in the NE Atlantic, but past research investigated polar benthic habitats and algal response to a variety of community and environmental stressors. I am particularly interested in the resilience of kelp forest ecosystems in Ireland, and how the genetic structure of seaweed assemblages may inform and affect ecosystem response.

Webmaster: Simon Vokes 

 Heya! I'm Simon and I help the club to run it's website and all our different social media. When I'm not slaving over a hot keyboard, I'm poolside helping out at training, staring at rocks in the wild for college or having the craic at the sliding rock on a Wednesday night. Hoping you see lots of fish, have all the banter and have as much fun in the club as I have! 

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