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Hey, I'm Ciara and I'm studying marine science. I started diving in first year of college and love the sport! I just passed my D** exam in September and can’t wait for more dive trips next year. 🐡
Favourite dive/ club memory: Playing the cardboard box game at our novice trip 🙆‍♀️

Club Captain: Ciara Murray

Training Officer: Bríana Casserly

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Assistant Training Officer:

Diving Officer: Liam Strachan

My main job is to make sure people can enjoy diving with the club safely and not being mistaken for Ruaihri.
Favourite dive/club memory: Hard to choose but descending a shotline onto an over 100 year old German U Boat wrecksite, the UC42, outside Cork Harbour.

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Assistant Diving Officer: 

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Equipment Officer: Jake Shiel

Hi I'm Craig! I'm the one pushing the buttons behind the website! Spotted a typo? let me know:

’m a final year Marine Science student researching seagrass beds with underwater ROVs. I’m interested in science communications, ecology and conservation.

Webmaster: Craig Ferguson

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Striking, tantalising, effervescent, delectable, moisturised, thriving- these are just some of the words in the dictionary that I like the sound of! But moving on to me, I’m a postgrad marine science student studying marine resource management and this will be my 5th year in the club and 4th on the commitee! I absolutely fell in love with diving from the minute I joined the club all the way back in 1st year and have been a part of the club ever since, and have recently gone on to receive my Diver 2 Star certificate. As the treasurer I’m in charge of any and all commitee funds related shenanigans, so any questions about fees just send them my way. If you’re ever at the pool or a club meeting and and you don’t know who I am, just look for the blonde guy with glasses and a man bun who always looks a bit confused.

Treasurer: Benjamin O'Flynn 


Safety Officer: Chloe Bagnall


Secretary: Jonathan Orphen

Boat Officer: Sean McLoughlin

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Public Relations Officer: Shannon Mac An Airchinnigh

GMIT Rep: Ryan McMash

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UG ATUG SubAqua Logo HQ JPEG.jpg

Assistant Equipment Officer: Katie Ryan

Vice Captain: Jen Smith

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UG ATUG SubAqua Logo HQ JPEG.jpg
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