Club Captain: Chloe Bagnall

Training Officer: Gillian Moran

Assistant Training Officer: Ciara Murray

Equipment Officer: Josh O'Leary

Assistant Equipment Officer: Craig Ferguson

Diving Officer: Sean Mc Loughlin

All-star GAA super sensation of Donegal, professional fish groomer and all around lovely fella that your mammy would love, Sean keeps us bopping around on the bottom of the briny sea. Our go between for the club and our governing organisation CFT, Sean makes sure all the T's are topped, all the i's dotted and that all of our divers are insured. 

Likes: Paracetamol. 

Dislikes: When people ask him about Scappagh.

Assistant Diving Officer: Kirsty Moran

Treasurer: Benjamin O'Flynn 

Safety Officer: Patrick C Hurley

Secretary: Adriana Pacesaite

Boat Officer: Ciaran Fitzgerald

Public Relations Officer: Hannah Douglas

GMIT Rep: Harry Davis

Webmaster: Craig Ferguson

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