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The club was founded in 1963 as the UCG Diving Society, making us one of the oldest college diving clubs in the country. Years later, the society was disbanded over fears from the college that the clubs activities were"too dangerous" and the UCG Diving Club was formed. In recent years GMIT joined the ranks and the club was renamed the NUIG/GMIT Sub-Aqua Club. Since NUIG and GMIT have both changed their names to UG and GMIT respectively, this year we have renamed ourselves the UG/ATUG SubAqua Club!


Membership in the Club is open to ALL members of UG and ATUG; undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and alumni. This variety of membership gives the Club an interesting social mixture and a wide-ranging appeal, reflected in our clubs 1500 members

UG ATUG SubAqua Logo HQ JPEG.jpg


The club makes training a top priority and all our new recruits are trained up to the highest standard by qualified and sound trainers.


We always try and mix the diving side of the club with the social side. We have a social night every week after training where members of the club can meet up and relax, and get to know each other over a pint. 

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