Already Qualified?

If you already have a diving qualification you may be able to skip the training and get straight into the water! We’re a CFT/CMAS club, so to dive with us you will have to crossover your qualification to the CFT equivalent.

The crossover process involves;

  1. Get a CFT Logbook (€35)
  2. Attend a few of the training lectures.
    1. Hand Signals
    2. Diving Environment (or hypothermia)
    3. Dive tables
  3. Complete a diving medical (with the SU Health Unit or with your own GP)
  4. Get annual CFT Insurance/Membership (€55 students, €110 non-students)
  5. Fill out the required forms and apply for your CFT certificate (€30)

Crossover Documents

As part of the crossover process you may be asked by the Diving Officer to read our fill out some of the forms below.

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