Learn to Dive

You don’t need any previous diving experience to join, most members learned from scratch within the club. In your first year you’ll start with snorkel training, progress to SCUBA training then start diving in the sea in March. Along with all the fun training sessions, there are also a series of lectures you will have to attend (and listen carefully to you instructor). The purpose of the lectures is to make you sure you are aware of all the wonderful things and the dangers that come with diving. You can find a list of the lectures titles below.

After you will have completed the pool training and the lectures you are ready for your first dive into the sea. After your first five dives you’ll receive an internationally recognized diving qualification (CFT/CMAS).

Trainee Lectures

  1. Introduction to the Course and CFT/ CMAS
  2. Hand Signal
  3. Introduction to Dive Physics
  4. Diving Equipment
  5. Decompression
  6. Out of Air
  7. Effects of Pressure
  8. Buoyancy
  9. Dive Tables
  10. CPR


  1. Marine Life I
  2. Marine Life II
  3. Our Environment
  4. Compressors

Club Diver Lectures

  1. Gas Laws
  2. Ears and Sinuses
  3. Hypothermia
  4. Hypoxia, Anoxia and Drowning
  5. Burst Lung
  6. Respiration and Circulation
  7. Diving Computers
  8. Regulators and Cylinders
  9. Dry Suit
  10. Dive Planning
  11. Small Boat Diving
  12. The Sea
  13. Underwater Navigation
  14. SMB’s
  15. Night Diving

Costs Involved

Below are the estimated costs of your first year in the club. We know this is quite the hit for the purse so we make sure to the costs are spread over the year.  We arrange every with suppliers at a heavily reduced group price, and there is also the options to purchase second hand gear.

Training is provided completely free by qualified and experienced divers, it is by far the cheapest way to get into diving!

Due: September/October
CFT Logbook: €35
(required to log training & dives)
Snorkel Pack: ~€115
(fins, mask, snorkel and booties)

Due: December/January
CFT Insurance: €55 (for students)/€110 (for non-students)
Wetsuit or Semi-Dry Suit Package: ~€380
(diving wetsuit/semi-dry suit, gloves, 12kg weight-belt)

Due: March/April
Trainee Certificate: €20
Club Membership: €10 (for your first year in the club)
(€20 undergrads, €30 postgrads, €40 non-students ) 

(Please note the above prices are from can vary on a yearly basis and are only approximate. Prices may depend on supplier and type of gear. )


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