Malin Beg is wonderful little shore dive. The shallow, clear waters here (depths of 5-10m) are sheltered in most weather and they host lots of life. The bottom is sandy, with plenty of seaweed-covered rocks. You can easily spot plenty of crabs, sponges, small blennies and loads of small dabs and plaice. If you’re lucky enough you might even be able to disturb some small lobsters while they’re feasting on remains of fishermen’s catch. These lot are shy and they will quickly retreat in their holes so approach them with care.

The most interesting part of the dive is the stack in the middle as it is a habitat for a variety of life forms. Although the stack consists of a large quantity of iron that deeply upsets the compass, it’s quite easy to find. At the base of the stack, you can find (night time or daytime) soft corals, lobster crabs, shrimp and wrasse, along with plenty of sponges, jewel anemones and even the occasional octopus or conger eel. If you take the time to investigate the many nooks and crannies of this rock, you can easily discover a whole new world of underwater life.┬áThe stack is also an excellent place for the brave ones that fancy a bit of cliff jumping during their surface interval.

This area is also suited for a night dive. The navigation is eased by two street lamps on the cliff overlooking the quay that light up the underwater terrain. During the night, you are likely to come across night creatures which inhabit the stack, such as conger eels and lobsters, while the blennies and other fish can be found asleep in the crevices.

Malin Beg is very important for our club’s history as many trainees have had their first dip into the water here. In addition to being a beautiful and remote site, Malin Beg is also, an excellent form of fitness training :) The steps leading down to the jetty are well known in the diving community as they have received many a curse from drivers carrying bottles and weights up and down.

But Malin Beg is not only a place suited for trainees. Dive sites like Shark Rock, Gloster Rock, Candles Rock, Bullock Rock and Slieve League Cliffs offer excellent diving locations.

If we’ve managed to convince you and you plan to oraginse a dive trip to the Malinbeg make sure you check out the emergency plan and the tides for the area.


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