Coral Beach Carraroe


Carraroe is a village situated in South Connemara. The peninsula offers a few very interesting possibilities for shore diving as it is surrounded by several small reefs and kelp beds. Plenty of fish and crabs, even some large conger eels are constant inhabitants of the reefs. Dogfish can also be spotted during the summer months and it’s not uncommon for seals and octopuses to make an appearance every now and then.

The diversity of life here and the maximum depths of 10m (at high tide), make Carraroe an ideal site for both trainees and novice divers, as well as for more experienced divers or for those looking to get a few good shots under the sea. This is also makes Carraroe and excellent place for snorkeling trips. The life is visible close to the beach and can be seen in the shallower areas, making it an ideal spot for budding snorkelers who are still adjusting their weight to match their wetsuit. The most accessible entry point is a little Strand called Coral Beach (or Strand). The beach and the seafloor consists of sand, shale and coral.

If you’re still not convinced Carraroe is a lovely place for a dive despite the maximum 10m you can check out some of our trips on the blog as well as some interesting videos in our Gallery page.

If we’ve managed to convince you and you plan to oraginse a dive trip to the Coral Beach make sure you check out the emergency plan and the tides for the area.


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