Training and Equipment

Training session are scheduled after the lectures (8-9.15pm), on every Wednesday night in the NUIG Kingfisher pool. after the lectures (8-9.15pm).

Snorkel Training

Once you get your Snorkel Pack (fins, mask, snorkel and booties) you’ll be ready to start snorkel training. This covers a series of skills like fining techniques, entry/exit techniques, mask and snorkel clearing. Over a couple of weeks you’ll learn new skills, get familiar with your new gear and get comfortable in the water.

SCUBA Training

With snorkel training complete you’ll be ready to progress to SCUBA training in the pool. The club provides all the SCUBA equipment you require. You will be trained in small groups (1-2 per instructor) and can progress at your own pace.  You will be introduced to all the SCUBA equipment and go through all the equipment and skills in the pool. You will learn about the role of each piece of equipment, how to assemble and maintain your equipment and how to use it in the water. Once you have completed your SCUBA training and you are happy and comfortable with the gear you will do a short SCUBA assessment. After that you are ready to dive in the sea!

The first novice training dives are usually over St. Patricks Day, on our traditional annual club trip to Malinbeg, Co. Donegal (or in lately to Portmagee, Co. Kerry).

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