Dive Sites

As we are located on an island situated on the very edge of Europe, the Irish coast line is ideal for diving. The Gulf Stream is a huge contributing factor to the diversity of marine live around the Irish coastline ( and as a bonus it brings along slightly increased water temperatures during the summer months).
Although the weather is not always on our side, the coast line is bustling with little gulfs and lagoons ideal for shore dives. Due to the cold waters, the sea life is usually more abundant closer to the coast. However, for those more adventurous, a short boat trip to one of Ireland’s many bays or surrounding islands is the answer.

Anywhere around the coast line can be a diving location as long as you have covered the safety points that come with the sport, but of course we have a few preferred places. Some of these have been selected to make sure we are providing different types of training for all preferences. Below we have a more thorough descriptions of a few of our favorite locations on the West Coast.


Aran Islands

Coral Beach Carraroe

Galway Bay






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