Committee Positions and Duties

The committee of the NUIG/GMIT Sub Aqua club consists of 15 committee positions. Each position has its own specific responsibilities as well as the general running of the club.

The captain is the link between the college and the club and must relay information between the two. It is therefore very important that the captain is in regular communication with the Sports Department. The captain is also in charge of the day-to-day running of the club.

The main duties of the Club Captain include, but are not limited to:
• Chairing the weekly committee meetings, as well as the AGM and any EGMs that may arise.
• Preparing an agenda in advance of each meeting
• Providing leadership and management in the club
• Updating the new committee on the NUIG clubs page to ensure all members are contactable by the college
• Submitting a detailed Action Plan at the beginning of the year to the Sports Department. This plan outlines everything the club plans to do for the college year, including committee meetings, training, trips, speakers, and social nights
• Writing an End of Year Report that is also submitted to the Sports Department. This
report summarises everything accomplished by the club in the college year, with
reference to the Action Plan to show which plans were successfully carried out and
any additional evens that happened during the year
• Preparing presentations for the Introduction to the Club lecture, as well as a Captain’s
Report for the AGM
• Delegating jobs to committee members to ensure everyone is pulling their weight and the club is running smoothly
• Interpreting the Club Constitution along with the rest of the Executive Committee (Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Officer, Diving Officer, Training Officer, and
• Hold a committee meeting at the end of each semester that is open to all club members to allow for better communication and clarification of issues
• To liaise with other clubs for the organisation of events such as Intervarsities, encouraging inter-club relationships and safe diving together
• Presenting the views of committee and club members to the college
• Representing the club in a positive way at public events

Diving Officer
The main role of the diving officer is to oversee all diving activities that the club undertakes. This includes both training and diving. This involves all aspects from the organisation of the dives, ensuring all safety precautions are looked after and all diving rules are obeyed. This can be done by either the DO or dive leaders appointed by him.
Other roles of the diving officer include;
• Updating CFTs COMS system for the whole club, this includes adding new members, renewing current club member’s membership and updating fitness tests.
• Liaises with CFT head office and other DOs and RDOs about the goings on in the club.
• Keep the club informed of any upcoming dives or courses that are going on.
• Report to the committee at meetings about future plans for diving.
• Process divers for courses (making sure all pre-requirements are met, completing CRFs).

Training Officer
The Training Officer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of training of new club members on a weekly basis. The TO must ensure that training is carried out in compliance with CFT’s training guidelines (outlined in ‘Courses & Tests 2013’). This is done in close liaison with the Diving Officer and instructors within the club. Duties of the TO include:
• Informing all new club members of training and training requirements each week through email
• Organising training lecture series along with the TO of the Galway Sub Aqua Club (GSAC).
• Having lecture slides uploaded and attendance book present at weekly lectures
• Ensure there are an adequate number of experienced trainers at each pool session for both snorkeling and SCUBA.
• Ensure there is enough gear present at the pool for trainers and trainees (tanks, BCD’s, regulators, weight if necessary).
•Organising and overseeing Wednesday night training, including pairing of trainers with trainees, seeing the pool is
set up correctly (depth, number of lanes etc.), making sure all gear is present, organizing assessments for novices as the need arises.
• Co-ordinate the training or new snorkel and SCUBA trainers with experienced instructors in the club.
• Report on weekly training activities at committee meetings.
• Signing off on final training and Open Water snorkels for Trainee (D*) Cert.
• Miscellaneous jobs as delegated by the Club Captain.

Equipment Officer
•To work in conjunction with the Boat officer, Safety officer and Assistant EO to ensure all Equipment of the club is in working order.
•To ensure all diving equipment such as BCDs, regulators and cylinders are functioning correctly. If they are not, to effect repairs as necessary either by yourself, or suitably knowledgeable or qualified persons. You must also ensure the timely service of these items: Regs – yearly, Cylinders – 2.5yrsVIP, 5yrsHydro.
•To ensure the diving compressors are functioning correctly. Maintain a log of running hours of the compressors so as to change oils and filters on same. If they are not functioning, to effect prompt delivery and repairs. You must also ensure the timely service of the compressors, yearly. Air purity tests are to be carried out twice yearly, one at annual service and one 6 months after.
•To ensure there is a supply of O2 for use. To maintain and effect repairs if necessary on the Nitrox blending equipment, including “whips”, O2 sensors etc.
•To ensure there is a supply of fuel for running compressors.
•To maintain the “club house” in a neat, tidy and useable fashion. To liaise with club members to keep the club house neat and tidy. To effect improvements as deemed appropriate for your ability.
•To liaise with the buildings office to carry out any necessary repairs and maintenance.
•To do up a roster of committee members to fill tanks after Wednesday night training. Tanks are to be filled by the Friday after the training.

Boat Officer
The work of the boat officer is to maintain the three boats and their associated equipment. The main tasks are, but not limited to:
• Ensuring all engines are serviced when required
• Carrying out all routine maintenance to ensuring all boats are maintained in a sea going condition
• Ensure all trailers are maintained in a road going condition
• Leiasing with the sailing club and windsurfing club on matters with the Lencraft.

The Club Treasurer has responsibility for the safe-keeping of the funds of the Club. He/she is responsible for recording all income and expenditure and for reporting on the financial position of the club on an on-going basis to the clubs committee.
The main duties of the Treasurer can be summarized as follows:
• Being one of the two active signatories on the clubs account and cheque book.
• Providing regular updates to the committee upon each meeting.
• Management of Club accounts
• Keeping accurate and up to date records of all financial transactions.
• Updating the finance website
• Actively lodging money on behalf of the club.
• Being available and flexible to meet members of the club throughout the

Honorary Treasurer
Must be a member of staff or a postgraduate.
The Honorary Treasurer must be a club member on the university’s payroll, whether as a member of staff or as a postgraduate student. This is for security reasons. The duties of honorary treasurer include:
• Assisting the treasurer if any help is required with his or her duties.
• Acting as a signatory for the club cheque book.

The responsibilities of the Secretary are predominantly administrative, inclusive of the following:
•Attending weekly Wednesday evening committee meetings
•Recording the minutes of committee meetings and emailing them to the other committee members
•Recording the minutes of the AGM (annual general meeting) and any EGMs (extraordinary general
meetings) that may occur
•Helping the Captain to count votes at the AGM and any EGMs
•Booking rooms around campus for meetings, lectures, guest speakers and courses

Safety Officer
The following are the duties of the Safety Officer:
• Ensure that the O2 kit and Tank are maintained in proper working order.
• Ensure that the First Aid kit is fully stocked with all necessary equipment and that any medicines contained within are in date.
• Ensure that the Flares for the boats are in date.
• Keep emergency plans for dive sites up to date. The Safety Officer will liaise with the Equipment and Boat officers to ensure that all Safety Equipment that is needed will be kept in good working order.

NUIG Development Officer
•Attend meetings every Wednesday evening including lectures and pool sessions if possible. Presence here is important as it allows for non committee and new members to approach the committee with any questions or queries they have.
• Organize social events for the club to insure introduction of old and new members.
• Organize food and event location for annual events such as AGM & EGM.
• Bookings for trips away i.e. Malinbeg trip.
• Organize club materials such as t­shirts, gear bags.
• Source funding or sponsorship for the club each year…….
• Correspond with other clubs and societies for organizing joined events.
• Assist with day to day activities including training in the pool, organizing gear before and after pool sessions and any other tasks delegated by other committee members.

GMIT Development Officer
The GMIT Rep’s role is to liaise between students from the variety of GMIT campuses and the clubs committee. The main roles include;
• Organizing and coordinating a stand on GMIT clubs and societies open days.
• Liaise with the Sports Officer at GMIT with regards funding.
• Liaise with the GMIT Health Unit regarding dive medicals.
• Answer any queries that may arise from GMIT students.
• Attend the weekly committee meetings at NUIG.

Assistant Diving Officer
As Assistant Diving Officer, your main responsibilities lie with aiding the Diving Officer.
This consists of:
• Overseeing fitness tests on entry of new club members (eight 25 meter lengths using any front swimming stroke and two 25 meter lengths using backstroke followed by holding breath for 30 seconds with head submerged)
• Carrying out annual fitness tests for new and current members of the club (eight 25 meter lengths using any front stroke style, one 25 meter length underwater, two 25 meter lengths towing a second individual – Completed with eight lengths first, with or without fins)
• Collect CFT insurance off novices to begin SCUBA training along with relevant details for CFT database (Name, age, permanent address, date of birth, medical completion date, email address) to be passed on to Diving Officer.
• Collect CFT insurance off existing members along with annual membership fee after completion of annual fitness test.
• Weekly lodge acquired memberships to the clubs bank account and CFT insurances to CFT bank account. On completion, email Diving Officer and Treasurer with lodgement reference number, amount and date.
• Collect outstanding payments for Malinbeg Trainee Weekend during the trip, assuring safe keeping, followed by lodgement to the club account after.
• Collect club membership off new members after completion of first 5 open water dives for trainee diver 1 star qualification.

Assistant Training Officer
The assistant training officer play a fundamental role in aiding the organisation, and smooth running of the sub aqua club’s training operations. Providing assistance to the training officer is a crucial element to this position.
As the assistant training officer your duties and responsibilities are as follows:
• Organising dates on the club’s calendar (i.e. training dates, dive dates, intervarsity dates etc).
• Taking attendances at trainee/club diver lectures and uploading attendances to the calendar (very important if funding is to be maintained).
• Uploading the attendances of pool training to the calendar.
• Assisting with the organisation of crossover lectures/pool training.
• Aiding with the transport of gear to and from the clubhouse for pool training.
• Helping with the organisation of pool training (i.e. assigning dive leaders to novices, preparing the pool for training, correspondence with pool attendants etc.).
• Filling the position of training officer and undertake his/her duties if he/she is away on
• Provide support to the diving officer where necessary.
• Assisting other committee members and undertaking various jobs for the committee
where needed.

Assistant Equipment Officer
As the assistant equipment officer your role is to help the equipment officer as he/ she delegates work that needs to be carried out.
• Attend each committee meeting and actively discuss/ contribute to the agenda
• Actively contribute to the leadership program and any other forum set up by the college to express the clubs range of views
• Carry out any work needing to be completed. This could range from helping to fix equipment, generally checking equipment, filling tanks, putting up signs etc.
• Participate in helping to organize dive trips.
• Help to collect and transport gear for training.
• Generally help within the club and assist where you can.

The duties of the webmaster includes-
• The responsible management of all the computer and online services and aspects of the diving club.
• Maintaining and adding information to the Nuig/Gmit diving club website. (
• Adding trip and dive reports to the website.
• Maintaining the diving clubs email threads and addresses, adding new members and creating email addresses for new committee members and dive leaders.
• Obtaining permission to announce for committee email addresses.
• Fixing any problems and providing solutions for any requests by fellow club members.
• Helping out all other fellow committee members in anyway possible.
• Act as a general committee member aiding the other committee members in the day to day
running of the club or in any way requested.

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