Coral Beach

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On a sunny Saturday, the 25th of march 2017, we set off from the clubhouse just after 11, making a quick stop for an ice-cream in Inverin on this nice sunny day. We reached our destination and were greeted by blue skies and glass-like water. Before even gearing up we did the most important thing of the day and brought down Linda (the club bbq FYI) to the beach and set it all up. After making sure the bbq was good to go and well lit, we had a quick dive brief laying out the plan for the day ahead. The first group of divers set off around 2 o’clock and the others not long after. The dive was great and compared to the weather and vis for the novice trip in Portmagee,  was like a tropical island! The life seen during the dives mostly consisted of the usual starfish, and lots of different crabs, including a spider crab. When we surfaced the sun had even gotten warmer, which was a nice change to the usual Irish weather, and perfect conditions for a yum bbq cheers to Lukasz!

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