Voyage to the Serpent’s Lair

1st Mate’s Diary

Voyage to the Serpent’s Lair



Entry #1


At dawn, we met in a cave full of pirate treasure’s, magic straws, eye jars and led belts you strap to a

man taking the plank off the ship. After packing everything into metal boxes (I’ve been told there’s

hundreds of horses in them) we headed off for the harbour.

We were met by sight of first light and our mighty 6(.)5m vessel, the lady of the sea named Alice

Perry. The loyal ship didn’t even bulge when we packed it with many tons of led and steal.

After dressing into second skin and reporting 8 souls going out into the sea to all mighty harbour

marshal, our captain Ray took her out into the open sea and Sailing Master Joanne took soon over

setting the course SW.

Fortunately, on our long journey we didn’t meet the Kraken but we met other creatures of the sea,

dolphins swimming in our wake and birds flying alongside. When we arrived in front of a cliff face

beyond which lays treasure guarded by a Serpent, hence its name Poll na bPeist (the Serpent’s Lair)

we dawned our magic straws that let us breath and eye jars that let us see underwater, then we

plunged off the side into the deep, cold sea.

I and Joanne swam through underwater entrance straight into the Serpent’s Lair without hesitation

but another pair Anna and Mindaugas defeated the Serpent beforehand hence we could admire all

the beauty and treasure hidden in its lair.

We swam around a little, breathing in through our magic straws, even surfaced for a moment to

take lungful of the fresh air. Eventually we returned to the entrance of the lair and swam out fighting

against the mighty sea and the currents.


When we got out we admired the life and scenery as we could see many arms ahead, only obscured

by rocks size of a house, but even then, we could still see and swim through many underwater

passages into the unknown.

Unlike Sailing Master Joanne’s my straw was only 12L strong and had to come up after 45 minutes

under. Even though we were many ship lengths away from where we thought we were, we still

made it safely to the trusty Alice with Mindaugas keeping her afloat.

When all the souls got back onto the board captain decided we head home after resupplying at

nearest harbour as sea started to stir under the relentless wind. On the way home, we fought waves

and wind, met sea creatures and monsters, even splashed once or twice but we made it safely home

in the end. We even got a chance to sail 27 knots fast when the sea calmed down.

Even though it was great voyage and great experience it’s the people that make it even better. So,

big thank you our Captain Ray for organising the trip.

Also, another thanks you to those who make sure we get to enjoy this amazing underwater

experience and great atmosphere within the club.

Thank you,

1st Mate



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